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Making Frenemies by DarkRose182 Making Frenemies :icondarkrose182:DarkRose182 1 0 Destiny: Little Light by DarkRose182 Destiny: Little Light :icondarkrose182:DarkRose182 1 0 FNAFSR: Three Main Shades by DarkRose182 FNAFSR: Three Main Shades :icondarkrose182:DarkRose182 0 0 FNAFSR: Three Little Shadows by DarkRose182 FNAFSR: Three Little Shadows :icondarkrose182:DarkRose182 1 0
FNAF-SR: Chapter 1
Many have heard the stories about what happened at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria thirty years ago. How five to six kids were murdered by someone who worked at the establishment, the children's spirits haunting the place and possessing the animatronics to exact their revenge on the one who killed them…This caused the place to close down in 1987 after an incident involving one of the animatronics, it reopened its doors in the early 90's and eventually closed down again in 1993.
Yet, when Fazbear Frights arrived in 2017, it stayed for a week or two before going up in flames… it was odd how the place just fell apart in a short span of time. The remains of the building and the relics within that survived attracted a small few searching for the history and untold stories of the dark secrets that surrounded the place.
One Saturday morning, there was a small group of friends standing
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FNAF: Salvaged Relics Cover by DarkRose182 FNAF: Salvaged Relics Cover :icondarkrose182:DarkRose182 1 0 From Ballad and Prelude: Thank you ^u^ by DarkRose182 From Ballad and Prelude: Thank you ^u^ :icondarkrose182:DarkRose182 1 0 SttW: Ballad by DarkRose182 SttW: Ballad :icondarkrose182:DarkRose182 1 0 SttW: Prelude by DarkRose182 SttW: Prelude :icondarkrose182:DarkRose182 2 0 Small Introduction: Ballad and Prelude by DarkRose182 Small Introduction: Ballad and Prelude :icondarkrose182:DarkRose182 1 0 FNAFAU: Samantha's Night by DarkRose182 FNAFAU: Samantha's Night :icondarkrose182:DarkRose182 1 0 Cast and Crew of Five Nights at Freddy's (AU) by DarkRose182 Cast and Crew of Five Nights at Freddy's (AU) :icondarkrose182:DarkRose182 1 0 BL2: Soundtrack to the Warrior Cover Art by DarkRose182 BL2: Soundtrack to the Warrior Cover Art :icondarkrose182:DarkRose182 0 0
SttW: Chapter 1
Break Apart
Make the Connection

Track 3: Taikatalvi by Nightwish
Prelude stood before the Fast-Travel Station, gazing at the numerous locations that they managed to find together so far. Where could you have gone, Ballad? She wondered, hand clutching the bridge of her bass. She was worried, her little sister was the only family she had left… if she lost her…
The she saw it…
Glancing down at the necklace around her throat, she could see the pale sapphire light emitting from it. The piece of jewelry was silver, half of the Vault symbol hanging from a thin chain… it glowed whenever she got separated from Ballad and the same went for the guitarist. Ballad has the other half, is it glowing as well? With that in mind, she began skimming through the locations until she settled on one… The Dust.
“What are you doing up there?”
Loggins stared at the figure standing on the mountain
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SttW: The Prologue
Prelude to Pandora
Ballad of Madness

Track 1: Minimal Beat by Lindsey Sterling
The music fades…
Another corpse falls to the ground… the face held the appearance of tranquility, before the screams of being consumed by fire escaped him. This was a normal occurrence for these two.
They created music together, using the instruments they carried. The guitar and violin strapped to the shorter teens back, while the taller one held the bass at her side. It was the burden and skill they grasped onto after the events that led them to Sanctuary.
They were Pandoran natives, from a small home near a bandit camp. The structure is long gone now, but the camp remains active. They were living with their father, who worked for Hyperion… building loaders with anti-software, and did music on the side. He taught the girls the skills they needed to survive and could use to their advantage. He died fighting against a hoard of Hyperion soldiers, while getti
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BBT:NH4H --- Chapter 3
Chapter 3
It was dark when they entered the theatre…
No light to guide them as they walked, only NightVis and her goggles were leading them through the darkness. Only when the lights dimly flashed on, were they able to see their surroundings. The walls around them were peeling, ripped from the foundation and hanging, being picked up by the faint breeze. The stench of pee and feet emanated from their surroundings. The glass scattered on the floor creating a sparkling path came from the door that swung open as they entered another connecting hallway.
They walked for a while, without speaking to each other… only when Hatty violently coughed did the mood change.
NightVis adjusted her friend, “See if you can find a kitchen.” She spoke softly in Cylinja’s general direction.
Cylinja glanced over his shoulder to stare at her, nodding his head in response, before turning back and picking up his pace through the realm. They checked each door and
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Gency by Dulcamarra Gency :icondulcamarra:Dulcamarra 29 14 haunted town, hidden object game/hopa game by novtilus haunted town, hidden object game/hopa game :iconnovtilus:novtilus 266 4 interior by mySpaceDementia interior :iconmyspacedementia:mySpaceDementia 149 0 dark church by mrainbowwj dark church :iconmrainbowwj:mrainbowwj 176 2 Bal Room by pbario Bal Room :iconpbario:pbario 622 26 Genji needs healing by Dulcamarra Genji needs healing :icondulcamarra:Dulcamarra 29 13 ~Peaceful~ (PRIDE) by GoldenMiro ~Peaceful~ (PRIDE) :icongoldenmiro:GoldenMiro 119 18 First McCree problem by Dulcamarra First McCree problem :icondulcamarra:Dulcamarra 38 14 Soldier Steve Rogers 76 by Dulcamarra Soldier Steve Rogers 76 :icondulcamarra:Dulcamarra 37 10 Eris and Cayde-6 by did-you-reboot Eris and Cayde-6 :icondid-you-reboot:did-you-reboot 89 23 An end will come, we will be there. by spookgeist An end will come, we will be there. :iconspookgeist:spookgeist 63 19 Eris Morn 2 | Destiny by patgarci Eris Morn 2 | Destiny :iconpatgarci:patgarci 23 2 Lord Shaxx playing Rumble by TheMaestroNoob Lord Shaxx playing Rumble :iconthemaestronoob:TheMaestroNoob 198 33 Mara Sov Bows To No One | Destiny by patgarci Mara Sov Bows To No One | Destiny :iconpatgarci:patgarci 81 5 Guardian Meditation | Destiny by patgarci Guardian Meditation | Destiny :iconpatgarci:patgarci 47 3 The Stranger | Destiny by patgarci The Stranger | Destiny :iconpatgarci:patgarci 39 5


Making Frenemies
I'm back c:

I have been having the worst case of writer's and art block... and lack of motivation for a while now. Although, now I finally have some motivation to draw and possibly write again =D

Destiny: Rise of Iron has arrived and I have been having a blast with it. The picture here is based off the Memory of Timur artifact, which allows meele attacks to make hostile enemies friendly for a period of time. This was my first try at drawing a Servitor and a Warlock, I'm kinda happy with how it turned out... I might color this later.

Destiny (c) Bungie

Anyway, I hope you all are doing well. Any comment or anything is appreciated <3


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
"Welcome to the mind... It's an interesting place." - Me

I'm a girl who puts to much thought into a story and sometimes can never go back because of that ^^; I talk to myself to form the stories that begin to take form, but music is the channel they need to escape onto paper.
I'm cautious about the future or scared about what people actually think of me and what I do, I've been called weird (among other things) and embraced it, knowing it makes me who I am.

I enjoy drawing, playing video games, listening to music, and hanging out/making new friends

I love all the feedback I get from you guys, it inspires me to become better and learn. :heart:

You can find me on...



I'm sorry if I don't respond back to messages and such... I dont't really talk much but I'm open to it, questions are welcomed, I don't bite... I'm just shy.
It's awesome to meet all of you wonderful people :huggle:
Hey everyone, I'm sorry for a lack of content the past few months.
Earlier this year, January 9, 2016... my grandfather passed away, since then we have had my grandmother and aunt move in with us. It has been a struggle to get back into anything like writing and drawing, I have been playing a lot of video games and listening to some awesome music though.

Anyway, I hope you all are have a nice day c:
If any of you know have any good tips or advice of how to get back into the swing of writing and drawing, I would appreciate it <3
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